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I remember how I was like ;A;!!! at getting Ice Maker twice since I wanted a Mizore but Ice Maker is my baby now (≧∇≦)

It already has an Ice magic attack attribute of 100 at level 1, so it’s great when I need to beat up Fire enemies and Ice element is my favourite anyway!

Now I want a Flame Spear too since my Fire magic is hilariously weak… I can’t win against the Dyne Slave next week orz


November’s limited edition gacha is Night Bird? If it’s another clunky costume, I’m gonna pass xD;; There’s gonna be some Lulusath maps yeahhh this would be quite a fun challenge?

Brionac toubatsu this week and Dyne Slave the week after! Which means Hokaze gacha AND Rekka gacha will be back! I’m gonna save all of my gacha tickets from the Brionac toubatsu to use next week because I really want a Rekka or a Flame Spear since my fire magic is so weak…

Most of my friends were like IT’S TIME FOR REVENGE because Dyne Slave/Qun’mi was the first real toubatsu mission (minus the behemoth one) so most of us were weak and died loads of times. I think I probably made it to Level 30-40 because I gave up pretty early… but yeah now that we’re all stronger, it’s time for revenge!!!



My first married units 

More room visit stuff. Why are so many people in Mode costume… probably to clear that ??? stage in the mid-Iscah region?

I missed the first part of that Type-0-turned-FFXV livestream so I’m catching up by watching the subbed version and I’m kinda laughing at this. XD;;

I knew Tabata-san is playing Agito because according to my Agito friends who stalk 2ch often, they have seen him there (probably gathering feedback?) as “Tabata (mukakin)” which means “no charges/billing” so he’s a player who doesn’t pay for anything. Class 5 huh 8D But yeah Class 2 is respectable! I have this bias towards Class 2 because it’s the first Class I was in before I qualified for Class 1…

But after a while you don’t really care about the Classes anymore since a lot of people transfer to other Classes, especially in the final chapter. I transferred to Class 10, and some of my friends transferred to the same Class as their biases.

Anyway you CAN get into Class 1 (Top 1000) by being a free player, but it may also depend on how early you start playing the game and thus have that CP advantage. My friend Ayli and I were still mukakin players when we qualified for Class 1, and I also have friends who are in Class 1 while still being mukakin players. (Although one of them always gets sorted into the same platoon as top-ranking players and got the rewards for top platoons, and the other one’s ranking is usually maintained around 750th-850th) I paid a bit for potions for Brionac toubatsu and started paying for potions for the weekend toubatsus from that onwards. Why I’m ranked 99th/in Class 1 now I guess, since I use the potions to work my butt off for toubatsus orz

Purposely went with this team for certain reasons only Ayli, Kuro-san and I know about XDDD

Two of my favourite guys in Agito ( ̄▽ ̄;;)



damn….. ash is shredded as fuck



damn….. ash is shredded as fuck




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brilliant. and sometimes the ugliest produce tastes better.

I remember seeing a story on the news sometime ago that hundreds of millions of fruits and veggies are thrown out by grocery stores just because they don’t look pretty.

So someone took the ones that were about to be thrown out and sold them at a cheaper price.


Ken ga Kimi Character song vol 1 - vol 3 jacket cover *vol 3 is in the middle*
seriously this is amazing *_*


final fantasy xiii beginnings & endings.

Piro-san wwww he changed his name to Shimeji wwww

His comment is “the taste of autumn” and skill set is “food poisoning” www

446 points with him (≧∇≦)it was 400 on Monday…!

Round 2 of Kasumi team with my not!brothers (they have the same hairstyle and all three of us have brown hair)

More from yesterday’s “let’s wear Kasumi!” day with a different team